Membership, Training, Recruitment

and Legion in the Community

Membership, Training, Recruitment and Legion in the Community are all linked.  Without the membership The Royal British Legion would not be in existence today.  With a continual turnover of members it is necessary to recruit more people to join this charitable organisation and Legion in the Community is one of the means to help to increase the membership.


The Legion was formed as a voice for the Armed Forces community. 360,000 members help us ensure that this voice does not go unheard.  With membership you can:

a. Join a network of people who care about the Armed Forces family.
b. Support the Legion's campaigning work.
c. Influence the future of the Legion.
d. Enjoy friendship and camaraderie.
e. Get involved nationally or locally.
f. Access the MOD Defence Discount Scheme and Rewards for Forces discounts.

The Royal British Legion is open to all supporters of the Armed Forces family, you don't have to have served in the Armed Forces.

For more information about membership of The Royal British Legion, follow the link to Membership.

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The Royal British Legion is a very large organisation which is involved in a wide range of activities. To be effective Members need knowledge, and training is therefore one of the most important aspects of management.

The Legion run a number of courses for Members each year to help gain that knowledge.  These courses may be a National Training Course or courses that are held locally in-house with qualified Trainers doing the training.  The types of courses held are as follows:

a. Branch Treasurer and
Branch Treasurer Refresher Courses
b. Branch Management
c. County Management
d. Independent Examiners and
Independent Examiners Refresher Courses
e. Qualified Panel Member and
Qualified Panel Member Refresher Courses
f. County Training Officer - Train the Trainer and
County Training Officer - Train the Trainer Update Courses
g. Caseworker Basic and
Caseworker Update Courses
h. County Conference Committee Course

For more information about training in Derbyshire, follow the link to Training.

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The Legion depends on its membership to do its work.  It can only continue to carry out this work for as long as the membership is replenished, so that Branches thrive and the Legion has the authority of a strong membership.  Recruiting is therefore vital to the Legion's future.

It is up to Branches to decide whether it has a thriving membership and continues to do the Legion's work, or whether it dwindles in numbers, become inactive and eventually ceases to exist.

The County has a Recruiting Team and their principal responsibilities for membership recruiting activities are:

a. To monitor the membership situation in the County and keep the County Committee informed.
b. To encourage and assist Branches in recruiting, and in retaining their members.
c. To identify Branches at risk of closure through low membership or lack of officers.
d. To identify opportunities for opening new Branches.
e. To liaise through the related branch with Legion clubs to promote knowledge of the Legion among club members and assist retention of members if the club fails.

For more information about recruitment in Derbyshire, follow the link to Recruitment.

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The Legion in the Community (LIC)

Legion in the Community recognises the importance of local communities to the Legion's welfare work, membership activities and fundraising efforts. It is:

a. A community based initiative driven by member, staff and local volunteers.
b. Raising public awareness of what the Legion does in the Local comuunity.
c. Promoting the Legion as an active membership organisation.
d. Inviting local people top get involved with welfare and fundraising activities.

A limited amount of funds are available to support LIC events, especially for Branches who don't have sufficient funds of their own. In any case, Branches must be prepared to contribute their own funds first.

For more information about Legion in the Community, follow the link to Legion in the Community.

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